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Aid your skills and knowledge with supplementary learning through courses by TechSparx. We provide modules to make sure that your learning remains flawless throughout.

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“The essence of education lies in drawing out the very best that is in you.”
These Bridge Classes are designed keeping in mind of the students who have focused on Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics during their 11th and 12th and now want to get into ENGINEERING but want to get the fundamentals cleared and be confident.
The main objective of the course is to bridge the gap between subjects studied at Pre-university level/School level and subjects they would be studying in engineering. The syllabus for the course is framed in such a way that they get basic knowledge on the subjects and gain the confidence in coding world..

C programming

Programming in C language (16 sessions)


Module 1 - Introduction To Language

Data Representation, Pseudo code solution to problem, Basic concepts in a C program, Declaration, Assignment & Print statements, Data Types, operators and expressions

Module 2 - Conditional Programming

Two way selection (if, if-else, nested if-else, cascaded if-else), switch statement, ternary operator

Module 3 - Looping

Loops (for, while, do-while), break and continue

Module 4 - Arrays

Using an array, Using arrays with Functions, Multi-Dimensional arrays.

Module 5 - Strings

String Declaring, Initialising, Printing and reading strings, string manipulation functions, String input and output functions, array of strings

Module 6 - User Defined Functions

Functions in C, Argument Passing – call by value, call by reference, Functions and program structure, location of functions, void and parameter less Functions,

Module 7 - Recursion

Module 8 - Structures

Basic of structures, structures and Functions, Array of structures, structure Data types, type definition.

Module 9 -file Management

Defining, opening and closing of files, Input and output operations

Module 10 - Pointers

Pointers and address, pointers and functions (call by reference) arguments, pointers and arrays, address arithmetic, character pointer and functions, pointers to pointer, Initialisation of pointer arrays.

Module 11 - Dynamic Memory

Dynamic memory allocations methods.

Module 12 - Preprocessors

Introduction to Preprocessors, compiler control Directives


Rs. 750/- per session (1.5 hours)

C++ programming

Programming in C++ language (16 sessions)


Classic Features


Rs. 750/- per session (1.5 hours)

Java programming

Programming in Java language (16 sessions)


Classic Features


Rs. 750/- per session (1.5 hours)

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Learning something for the first time can raise doubt and queries that need expert attention. That’s why TechSparx is here with expert and experienced tutors so that your child gets the best learning experience. Give your knowledge building process a head start with us by signing up for our bridge classes. We also provide your child with doubt clearing sessions, 100+ modules to learn from, recorded sessions up to 1 year on TechSparx digital and so much more!

What Does Your Child Learn?

About The Chief Coding Coach

Former Software Engineer and MNC recruit, Mr. Saravanan G. is a coding expert with hawk eyes for aspiring coders He took the colossal step of quitting his job back in the year 2014 and invested himself as well as financially into the TechSparx venture, and is now always on the lookout for raw passion for learning.
TechSparx is now a system of 100+ modules which provides its students with a wholesome learning experience. Mr. Saravanan has also been an avid speaker for TedX and dedicates himself to providing his students with a learning experience that leaves them with no room for doubts once they leave the classroom.

100 + Modules To Learn From

10+ Years Of Educational Experience

Experienced Coding Professional

Former Tedx Speaker

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Hello, world!
TechSparx is an amazing place to learn coding. The teachers are very friendly and supportive. Its in this place i started loving computers and now taking it as a important subject for my career. I m very happy that i joined TechSparx.

Ruchitha G M


Thank you to Saravanan Sir for being such a great tutor. His teaching is very simple and interactive. I would recommend him to all of my known circle. I am very happy with my child’s feedback on her learning from Sir. Thank you 🙂

Anisha Sethi


Sir is the best teacher that has taught me programming .He not only teaches us programming but also many moral values that are very helpful in our day to day lives ….Thank you sir for your support 😊

Naisha Shivali


Saravanan Sir is the best computer teacher I have met, his way of teaching is out of the world. I would highly recommend his classes for anyone who wants to learn coding. I also like the other teachers in the campus, they are also very talented



I never used to understand computer , and Saravanan Sir made it really easy for me . I love sir’s classes and the way of teaching . Thank you very much sir for your continued support .

Nainish Mane


Best institute for learning coding. Saravanan sir taught me so well in 10th grade that I scored very well in my computer science exams and now I got placed in a mnc with a really good package!

Shashank Reddy


Hello, world!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who all are eligible for these Bridge classes?

These Bridge classes are for aiding the knowledge and learning of 12th pass outs. The syllabus is curated in order to make sure that it becomes easier for them to learn the concepts.

What if I miss the sessions of coaching?

TechSparx provides its students with an interface called TechSparx Digital where all the recorded sessions are available for up to one year. You can access it anytime you want.

Who will be teaching us during these sessions?

You will be taught by computer science and programming experts who will make sure that you have a thorough understanding of the concepts to create a sturdy learning foundation.

Where do I enroll for these sessions to join TechSparx?

Kindly sign up for our classes via the sign up option provided to you above. You can also avail a demo session with us to get a sense of what we have for you!